It is very common to see septic tank and drain field failure.  In the past, the only option to repair a malfunctioning system was to install an alternative type system.      Septic Clean rejuvenates old aging tanks and drain fields.  Septic Clean is a minimal invasive repair option, which is simply inserted into your existing septic tank.  Septic Clean provides a oxygen enriched environment which promotes aerobic bacteria growth, and speeds the action of microbic digestion.  It  is possible to digest up to 95% of solids found in septic tanks.  In as little as two weeks; your septic tank will look and function dramatically different.   Once solids have been removed from the tank; the microbes begin to work in the drainfield.  Many fields fail due to solid buildup in the drain pipes, and surroundind soil.  Once these solids begin to breakdown the drainfield will return to working order.       Septic Clean comes standard with an air distribution system and aerator .  The distribution system is placed in the center of the septic tank and connected to the aerator.  Once the aerator is connected, the oxygen and bouncing motion of the water begin to break apart the solids in the tank.  Once the solids are broken apart they are then attacked and consumed by hungry microbes sustained in the tank.  Septic Clean has been installed in hundreds of tanks with great success.  Over 90% of systems see improvement in the first month.  Don't waste money and destroy your landscape, give Septic Clean a chance today!  Call your local Enviro-Flo/BioRobix installer today for more information and a free quote.
The Environmentally Friendly Alternative For Wastewater Treatment
Septic Clean